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​We are a community of families who value...

Community care and relational intelligence. 

We understand that no family is meant to do it all alone. We seek to embody a community that truly supports our children as a “village,” by offering opportunities to come together in space holding and ceremony, embracing differences while seeking balance and unity, and consciously exploring the relationships, joint experiences, and opportunities for healing and growth that make up the human experience. 

Reverence for nature and the ethereal/spiritual

Deeply woven into Heartsong School is the belief that there is more to the world than just what we see. We honor the spirit that flows through each of us and all things, regardless of the name it is called by. We are working to decolonize our understanding of the world and call upon ancestral and indigenous ways of moving through the world and educating our children.


The innate wisdom of the child

We honor the autonomy and unique path of each child, and seek to nurture a child’s blossoming into the human they came here to be. We trust children to learn best through their own exploration and innovation, and offer appropriate opportunities to wonder, play, create, connect, discover and work together in a natural setting. In our children's education, we feel called to take a responsive role of observation, support, and inspiration rather than having pre-set ideas about what they should learn and who they should become.


Furthermore, we share the philosophy as written by Heather Frid Jiménez and  Janiva Cifuentes Hiss of Heartsong Community of Freelearners:

  • Each child comes into this world whole and complete, with unique talents and gifts to share with their community and the world.*

  • Like a seed, each child contains an internal plan for their own unique development.*

  • Authentic learning unfolds from the inside out through self-discovery and exploration.*

  • Children are naturally curious, creative, and playful, and possess an innate love of learning.*

  • When children are provided an atmosphere of love and freedom where their autonomy and natural development is respected, learning happens naturally and joyfully.*


* Heather Frid Jiménez, Janiva Cifuentes His. Philosophy and Methodology.

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